Brazilian Jazz in a Cool Tropical Mood!
"I love the syncopation, rich harmonies and captivating rhythms characteristic of Brazilian and Latin jazz. The styles are inherently passionate and stimulating, easily lending themselves to a grooving and joyous sound. When I compose, an idea for a song typically starts with a particular percussive element or rhythm, then I write to that. My primary instrument is nylon-string guitar, but I like to weave different colors and textures around a melody by using other guitars and tones, sometimes including a guitar synthesizer. I usually finish a tune by adding percussive "ear candy". The music you hear on TONES OF THE TROPiCS is a reflection of my love for Brazilian and Latin jazz, and of my admiration for other composers and musicians who too have devoted their energy and creativity to this powerful and moving genre."
Terri England - June 17, 2007

A native of South Texas, Terri England was born to a family of musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. At six years of age she took an interest in playing guitar that would never wane, while also receiving extensive classical training on piano and cello. During formal education her immersion in both art and music proved to be valuable experiences strongly influencing her later development as an independent artist. In particular, her orchestral activities would teach her to create dynamic, musical arrangements that take the listener on a stimulating sonic journey.

In the early years England played guitar and keyboards in bands whose styles ranged from pop, rock and jazz, to country and retro 50s style sock-hop tunes. While involved with a jazz band she would discover her passion after a fellow musician gave her an album by Flora Purim, a Brazilian vocalist. Terri was so taken by the syncopated rhythms, percussive nuances and beautifully rich chord voicings that she made a conscious decision to focus her own compositional energy on that particular genre. Today, her music flows from the heart, influenced by so many Brazilian and Latin artists, including Flora and Airto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tania Maria, Oscar Castro-Neves, Romero Lubambo, Sergio Mendes, Bossacucanova, Jose Neto, Dori Caymmi, Joyce, Roberto Perera, Nestor Torres, Jose Feliciano, percussionist Maria Martinez, and American artist Lee Ritenour.

England is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). She records and mixes tracks in her own studio, leaving the job of mastering to the capable hands and ears of Michael Dominici at Music House Mastering in New York. Her productions are released through her own publishing company, Inglaterra Musica. Connect with Terri at email address: terriengland@mygrande.net

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Inglaterra Musica
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Texas 78404
Phone 361-739-8099
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